Sheep-breeding and cheese-making in Bovec

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Sheep and goat farming were the basis of survival in the Trenta Valley until the Second World War.
Dairy products and wool were sold or bartered for goods necessary for life.

The people of Bovec were known as merchants, and the main activity of the Trentars was agriculture and mountain farming. That is why they have an indigenous breed of sheep in Bovec.

The Bovec-Trenta sheep breed is a distinctly dairy sheep, adapted to the difficult conditions in the mountains.

From sheep's milk with the possible addition of cow's or goat's milk, a characteristically aromatic, full-bodied, intense and slightly spicy cheese is produced due to aging. It has been produced for over 200 years.
Bovski cheese has been a protected geographical origin product since 2004.

That is why Bovec cheese and Bovec cottage cheese are famous in the Bovec region.

Bovški sir (Bovec cheese)

Bovec cheese (Bovški sir) is round in shape and has a characteristic aromatic, full, intense, slightly spicy smell and taste. The ripening period can be from 60-90 days or longer. It is suitable for cutting and grating.

We recommend buying cheese from local farmers.
You can also try it as an appetizer in restaurants in Bovec.

Čompe in skuta (potatoes and sheep cheese)

Boiled and unpeeled potatoes with salty sheep's skuta (cheese), are a traditional and popular appetiser in Bovec.

Bovec skuta is a mix between cottage cheese and cream cheese. Skuta is obtained in several ways, usually from sour milk, from sweet milk, and some types of Skuta also by coagulation of whey. Sweet and salty dishes can be prepared with cottage cheese.

Once upon a time, potatoes with Bovec cheese were on the tables of the Trenta and Bovec people almost every day, due to the unfavourable soil for the cultivation of cereals and other crops. Modest dishes made from only 2 ingredients will impress every eater with their excellent taste.

The popular traditional event Čomparska noč (Potatoe night), which takes place every year in the summer in Bovec, is named after čompa (potatoes).
Čomparska noč is a popular event where we have fun with various local drinks, musical performances, and we can try different potato dishes. The market is catered for and there is no entrance fee.
Dancing and partying until the morning hours.

In Bovec, you can also see how the cheese-making tradition has developed over thousands of years on the Bogata estate and the animals in the open air, or the Museum from Planina to Planika in Kobarid.

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