Camping in Bovec and Triglav National Park

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Camping is a more popular way of traveling every year. Although camping used to be thought of as cheap and only for hippies, that's no longer the case. There is a lot to offer.

You can camp in a tent, a car, a homemade van or a luxury motor home. You can choose anything that suits your wishes and your way of traveling.

Wild Camping

ATTENTION! Wild camping is prohibited in Slovenia.
Wild camping is regulated by the Act on the Protection of Public Order and Peace.

The area of Triglav National Park (TNP) is under the special regime of the Act on TNP. Among other things, this specifically and more strictly regulates driving, parking, tenting, camping, because you can be fined from 100 to several thousand euros.

Where can I camp?

That is why Slovenia has a large number of well-maintained parking lots for motorhomes and campsites, with dugouts… the choice is yours.

We recommend Kayak Camp Toni in Bovec.

Neat campsite with bathrooms, laundry, rooms, friendly staff and more.
You must arrange the campsite reservation before you arrive at.

Kayak Camp Toni is located 3 km from the center of Bovec in Vodence, at the confluence of the Soča River in Koritnice.
The camp is an excellent starting point for hiking trails, activities and just the right distance from the center of Bovec, so you can rest and enjoy nature.
You can also read more about the camp on their website.

Kajak Kamp Toni
Vodenca 1, Bovec
+386 5 38 86 454
+386 41 754 569

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