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Rafting in Bovec

Every day in the pre-season we have up to two Soča rafting trips. One in the morning at 10:00 and the other in the afternoon at 15:00
And during the summer season three trips a day from 15. June to 31. August. At 8:30, 12:00 and 16:00.
Since rafting is the most popular activity in Bovec, in the main season it can sometimes be over crowded.

We have adjusted the hours in such a way as to enable you to enjoy more authentic and relaxed rafting on the Soča River.

Rafting on the Soča River in Bovec is an activity that will not disappoint you. It offers you plenty of fun, beautiful nature, adrenaline and an unforgettable experience.

Soča Rafting Part 1

We meet at Čezsoča 71, 30 minutes before the activity hour.
You need a bathing suit and a towel in the transitional months (spring, autumn) and some warm clothing is also recommended.

When you arrive at our address, you park your car in the free parking lot behind our base. There we have transport vehicles, boats, all necessary equipment for water activities, toilets and showers.

Before we carve your equipment for Rafting in Bovec, please inform us of any possible health problems and injuries, if you have them.
When we do the formalities: everyone gets 4-5 pieces of clothing depending on the weather conditions.

  1. A helmet that protects your head
  2. 3mm neoprene suit that protects you from the cold river Soča.
  3. Neoprene shoes that protect your feet from the cold.
  4. A life jacket is mandatory equipment on the river, without it you will unfortunately not be able to participate in the rafting activity.
  5. Windbreaker or neoprene jacket, which you will need in case of cold weather, rain or strong wind.

Once you have all the necessary equipment, we will take you to the entry point in our vans.

Soča Rafting Part 2

A driver and your guide will go with you to the start.
The guide and driver will prepare the raft and other necessary equipment, while you will change into wetsuits and other equipment during this time. But you will leave all your dry things in the van.
While you enjoy rafting on the Soča River, the driver will bring the van with your belongings to the exit point.

When you are all ready, you will talk with your guide about safety on the raft and on the Soča River.
They will show you how to row (e.g. forward, backward…), how to swim on the wild river Soča and much more. Safety comes first.

Then the fun can begin.

Soča Rafting Part 3

Now it's time for the wild ride to begin. No need to worry, the first stage on the river is super relaxed and there are no big rapids to conquer with the group. You can take this time to get familiar with everything, practice your paddling technique, and if you like, jump into the cold water of the Soča River to refresh yourself. Plus, there are some really cool surprises waiting for you. We won't reveal more at this point, as we want to keep it a surprise.

After the calm start, the wild rapids are now waiting for you. Teamwork is definitely required as we have to navigate safely through the roaring rapids. Adrenaline and fun are at the top of the list here. Along our journey downstream, we will also pass by the impressive rock called "Manhattan." This rock is about seven meters high, and if you're brave enough, you can climb up and take a safe jump into the Soča River. The ride continues with rapids, curves, and twists until we reach the end of the rafting tour.

Here, the water calms down again and you can jump back into the Soča River for another swim. It's time to load up the rafts again, quickly change into dry clothes, and with your guide and group, head back to our base with our driver. Of course, we will capture your rafting adventure in the Soča Valley with a camera. You will receive all the pictures from us after the tour.

Feeling excited? Then book your unforgettable rafting adventure with us today. We look forward to having you join us.

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